Updated October 28th, 2020

We are back with a full suite of options for you to choose from this summer. 

If you have children aged 5-8, check out our family fun tball program - TBall Smash! 

If you have children aged 9-12, check out your options here.

If you have children aged 13-16, check out your options here. 


We have one of the largest junior summer baseball programs in Victoria and place a heavy emphasis on family, fun and development. To give you an idea of how our junior program runs, we have last year's details still up so you can check it out here. 

We'd love to have your family involve with our club. If you are keen to be notified of what options there will be for baseball this year, click here, leave us your details and we'll touch base once we know more. 

We are also running online team catchups until the end of October 2020, if you'd like to learn more and have your child join, scroll down and the details are posted below. 



0423 782 970

email: rlpbc@outlook.com

We currently run a master team - this team is for players 38 years or older. The team is committed and pretty laid back, which makes our master's team ideal for new to the sport right up to former college baseball players. 

For more information - click on this link. 

2020 Junior Summer Virtual Spring Training

September 2020 - Message to current and potential junior baseball families

Baseball is back...well, sort of. To get our crew back together and get our arms ready for the upcoming season, we will be hosting fun interactive "training" sessions. Quiz questions, MLB highlight videos, guest speakers and training suggestions will be shared with our players. Parents and kids are welcome to join. 

Our first session will be on Wednesday, September 23rd at 5:15pm. 

Families will require some sort of digital device (desktop, laptop, iPad, phone).  

For security reasons, the zoom link is only available via TeamApp or from one of us at rlpbc@outlook.com. 




Check out our new indoor training facility

The club has been busy over the past two years in improving the facilities for our members. Check out our latest toy - an indoor training facility!
Check out this video to see what it looks like.
Thanks to Ava Grace Productions for compiling the video.

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