2019 Fee Structure

Fees include club fees + Baseball Australia fees + Baseball Victoria Fees

2019 Club Fees

$300 Men's Seniors
$240 Men's Students & Apprentices
$180 Women's Seniors
$200 Life Members
$180 Juniors Playing Seniors and Juniors
$130 Juniors

Our preference would be for you to pay your club fees on the SportsTG registration system. However, if you prefer you can pay your club fees directly to our bank account. Note you will still have to pay your Baseball Australia and Baseball Victoria fees through the SportsTG system

Account name: Research Lower Plenty Baseball CLUB
BSB: 633-000
ACCT: 141426064
Please use "Fees & Surname" in the description 


Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia Fees must be paid through Sports TG Registration SystemIf you do not register through the Sports TG system, you will not be allowed to play (as per BA and BV rules). 

~$100.00 Seniors - Winter 
$40.00  Seniors who play during the summer and winter
~$88.22 For Juniors who play Juniors and Seniors during the winter 
~$40.00 Juniors Play Senior - Summer/Winter
~$78.00 Winter Juniors U13/U15/U17
~$40.00 Juniors - Summer/Winter
~$50.00 Juniors - Rookie Ball Winter